“Community by Homeaway” Resources for New Owners of Vacation Rental Properties


The Community by Homeaway is a great resource for owners and/or managers of vacation rental properties, as well as for travelers.  I highly recommend that new owners of vacation rental properties join the Community.  Here you will find forums and discussions by industry experts and people just like you who are learning how to build a successful vacation rental business.

The Community has a forum dedicated to "New to Renting" where you can find loads of resources such as tutorials, check-lists, sample forms, webinars and articles designed to help newcomers learn how to properly manage their vacation rental property and interact with guests.  You can ask a question or participate in discussions on the Community.  You can view “Popular Discussions” or start your own, and even create a poll.

I’ve included below a list of links to articles, forms or discussions in categories that you will find in the “New to Renting” forum on Community that I believe are helpful to those who are new to the industry.  I hope these resources will benefit you as you begin this exciting adventure of offering your property on the vacation rental market!


Top 10 Things You Should Include In Your Vacation Rental Agreement
Sample Contracts & Checklists - From this page you can download:

Sample Vacation Rental Deposit Refund Letter (When Withholding for Damages)
Sample Vacation Rental Deposit Refund Letter (Asking for Review)
Sample Vacation Rental Deposit Refund Letter (No Damages)
How To Avoid and Handle Cancellations from Vacation Rental Guests


FAQ: Insurance for Vacation Rental Homes
FAQ: Income Tax & Vacation Rentals
Income Tax Deductions for Vacation Rental Owners
Year-End Tax Considerations for Vacation Rental Owners
Complying with State, County, and Local Short-Term Rental Laws
Sales Tax Requirements for Vacation Rental Homes
State Sales Tax Offices  (If you have difficulty viewing this page click on the “View as PDF” option on the right side of the page.)

NOTE:  You must create an account on the Community in order to interact with others and download materials.  You can do that here .