The "Key" To Managing A Remote Vacation Rental Property - No Keys!



One of the trickiest parts of managing a vacation rental business from afar is the handling of keys.  In the "old days" keys had to be made available to guests so that they could gain access to the property.  This entailed either mailing keys to the guests, having a lock-box on the property's door that  contained the necessary key or having someone nearby who could provide the keys to the guests when they arrived.

There are multiple problems associated with this practice.  What happens if the current guest loses their key or forgets to put it back in the lockbox for the next guest to use?  How about the cost of replacing the keys every time a guest fails to return them?  Or consider the security risk of unauthorized copies of your keys being made…with your property's calendar visible to the public it is possible someone could use your property without your knowledge when it is not booked.

This is why when we bought our vacation rental property in Dillon, CO we would consider no other option than a remote keyless entry system.  We decided on the system offered by ResortLock.  Similar systems are offered by Kwikset, Master Lock and Schlage (to name a few).

Such a system has many advantages over the old-fashioned method of providing physical keys:
  • A keyless entry system reduces the risk of unauthorized entry. There are no keys floating around and no permanent codes that can be shared with unauthorized guests.  The ResortLock system allows you to set a temporary code that is valid during  the date/time range that you program.  After the time period expires, the code will no longer be valid.
  • Some keyless entry system packages come with software that provides an audit trail so that you will know exactly who is entering your property and when.  You will know when your cleaning or maintenance staff arrives and when each guest arrives.
  • Eliminate early arrivals or late check-outs with codes that dictate arrival & departure times.
  • Reduce the hassle of key or access card handling - you will no longer have to send keys to your guests nor will they have to be inconvenienced by having to go to your property management company to pick up keys.  Additionally, using a keyless entry system allows you more direct control over the property since you will not have to rely on a third party to provide keys for your guests; you will never have to wonder if your property is being booked or accessed without your knowledge.
  • You'll never again have to be bothered with a guest who is locked out!
  • You'll never again have to routinely change keys or permanent codes since each guest's code expires after their stay.
  • If a contractor needs to access your property you can issue a temporary code that will allow them entry for a set period of time.  You will not need to find someone to let the contractor in or spend hours of your time driving to your property's location.

The beauty of such systems is that you can manage it from anywhere that has an Internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone.  The convenience, increased security and peace-of-mind that comes with using a keyless entry system are well worth the price.  I wouldn't manage a vacation rental property without one!